Your 9 - 5 is your job, Entrepreneurship is your dream!

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Create a Business The World Can't Live Without

As a full-time professional, you’re probably struggling to start or grow your own business (almost everyone is) and unsure how to position yourself with limited time. There are, after all, only so many hours in the day.

This is a highly sought-after program for anyone ready to launch a business while working a full-time job. Here you'll find a place to gather with like-minded side hustlers, share, inspire, connect and of course -- create a business and life you love. 

Working a full-time job while keeping your entrepreneurial spirit under wraps is no small feat. Starting a small business of your own while you work for someone else is best launched as a side hustle. Let us help you be your own BOSS.

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Courses in this Program:

About Sana Rasul

Sana' Rasul is a woman of many talents. From her first rental home purchase at 23 years old to her thriving community association for women in human resources, it is clear that Sana' was built for entrepreneurship. As her career in Human Resources evolved she noticed that each year on Equal Pay Day the world talked about closing the pay gap between the sexes (and races), but not much movement was happening. In an attempt to do her part she started "Side Hustle Blueprint" to help professional working women take control of how much they earn by leaping into entrepreneurship.

What Our Members Have to Say:

“I can't say enough positive things about my time working with Sana'. My days as a Staff Accountant were numbered and after meeting her at a networking event I was encouraged to take my goals of owning my own business more seriously. Within 3 months Sana' coached me into launching my consulting business. I'm grateful! ” ― Stacey - Solopreneur
“I had been following Sana' on social media since the start of HR Girlfriends. Our chance meeting at an HR conference was right on time. Our conversation about my job woes went from frustration to hope. Sana' not only served as a mentor in my exit from corporate america but she coached me through the start of my HR consulting business. Sana' is so talented and I love the way she thinks. ” ― Rene - HR Consultant & Coach
“Sana' you never cease to amaze me. When I am stuck in my business I know you are the best go-to to get my creative juices flowing. In fact, you have helped me make money in my business doing things I never thought about. I'll be sending my biz friends your way. ” ― Tara J. - Relationship Coach
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